Pattern roll plate. 
Standard GB,ASME,EMC,UL,EN,DIN,IEC,GS, etc. 
Thickness 2.0-8.0mm. 
Width 600-2000mm. 
Tolerance "+ /-0.02mm" 
The weight of the volume is 3mura and 8 tons. 
Process hot rolling. 
Packaging moisture-proof paper. 
Certificate ISO 9001 color 2008 SGS pencil CEE BV. 
Order quantity 25 tons (in one 20ft FCL). 
The delivery time is 15 won 20 days. 
Monthly output of 10000 tons. 
Description of the pattern board: the steel plate with pattern on the surface is called pattern board, and its pattern has been flat bean-shaped, diamond-shaped, round bean-shaped, flat-round mixed shape, lentil shape is the most common in the market. 
Pattern plate producing areas are: Jigang, Rizhao, Benxi Steel, Shougang, Meigang, Angang, Hangang and so on. 
Application field of pattern board: pattern board has many advantages, such as beautiful appearance, anti-skid, strengthening performance, saving steel and so on. It is widely used in transportation, construction, decoration, floor around equipment, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields. 
Generally speaking, the user has low requirements for the mechanical and mechanical properties of the pattern board, so the quality of the pattern board is mainly shown as the rate of pattern formation, pattern height and pattern height difference. 
At present, the thickness commonly used in the market varies from 2.0-8mm. 
The method of payment is 30% more than 70% in advance; telegraphic transfer or irrevocable letter of credit at sight. 
Remarks on risks all risks and acceptance of third party inspection