Standard GB,ASME,EMC,UL,EN,DIN,IEC,GS, etc. 
Material HRB335/HRB400/HRB500. 
Diameter φ 8-φ 40mm. 
Length 6000-12000mm. 
Tolerance when the nominal diameter of steel bar is less than 12mm, the relative rib area should not be less than 0.055; when the nominal diameter of steel bar is 14mm and 16mm, the relative rib area should not be less than 0.060; when the nominal diameter is greater than 16mm, the relative rib area should not be less than 0.065. 
Hot rolling and cold drawing. 
Packing bundles. 
Certificate ISO 9001 color 2008 SGS pencil CEE BV. 
Order quantity 25 tons (in one 20ft FCL). 
The delivery time is 15 won 20 days. 
Monthly supply of 30000 tons. 
It is described that rebar is a surface ribbed steel bar, also known as ribbed steel bar, usually with two longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs uniformly distributed along the length direction. 
The shape of the transverse rib is spiral, herringbone and crescent. 
Expressed in millimeters of the nominal diameter. 
The nominal diameter of ribbed steel bar is equal to that of smooth round steel bar with equal cross section. 
The nominal diameter of the steel bar is 8mi 50mm, and the recommended diameters are 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 and 40 mm. 
Ribbed steel bars are mainly subjected to tensile stress in concrete. 
Due to the action of ribs, ribbed steel bars have greater bonding ability with concrete, so they can better withstand the effect of external forces. 
Rebar is widely used in civil engineering construction such as houses, bridges, roads and so on. 
To highways, railways, bridges, culverts, tunnels, flood control, dams and other public facilities, as small as the foundation of buildings, beams, columns, walls, plates, rebar are indispensable structural materials. 
The method of payment is 30% more than 70% in advance; telegraphic transfer or irrevocable letter of credit at sight. 
Remarks on risks all risks and acceptance of third party inspection