Wear-resistant steel plate. 
Standard GB. 
Material NM360/400. 
Thickness 5.5-30mm. 
Width 1800-2200mm. 
Tolerances are in accordance with the requirements of the national standard. 
Surface treatment oiling, drying, passivation treatment. 
Production process electric furnace and converter smelting. 
The weight of the board is 1.5m / s and 30 tons. 
Certificate ISO 9001Mui 2008. 
Order quantity 25 tons (in one 20ft FCL). 
The delivery time is 15 won 20 days. 
Monthly output of 10000 tons. 
The wear-resistant steel plate (Wear Resistant Steel Plate) refers to the special plate products specially used under the condition of large area wear. 
At present, the commonly used wear-resistant steel plate is made of alloy wear-resistant layer with high hardness and excellent wear resistance on the surface of ordinary low carbon steel or low alloy steel with good toughness and plasticity by surfacing welding. 
The wear-resistant steel plate is mainly divided into three types: general-purpose type, impact-resistant type and high-temperature type; the total thickness of wear-resistant steel plate can reach 5.52.5 mm, the thickest can reach 30 mm;, the smallest diameter DN200 pipe can be rolled, and can be processed into wear-resistant elbow, wear-resistant tee and wear-resistant variable diameter pipe. 
The method of payment is 30% more than 70% in advance; telegraphic transfer or irrevocable letter of credit at sight. 
Remarks on risks all risks and acceptance of third party inspection