Founded in 2005, Chunxu steel has a registered capital of 50 million yuan, an annual sales volume of 800000 tons and an annual sales volume of more than 4 billion yuan. It is a trading company integrating steel sales, processing and logistics distribution. Headquartered in Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, the company has established branches in Handan, Hebei, Jimo, Qingdao, Weifang, Shandong, Rizhao, Tai'an, Shanghai and Guangdong after years of operation. It has been selected as one of the top 100 honest enterprises in China's steel trade and logistics and one of the top 100 in China's steel trade for many years, and has passed the three system certification of quality, environmental safety and occupational health to ensure that it provides customers with high-quality and high-level quality services, It has been widely recognized by peers and users in the industry.


The company mainly acts as the agent of Hebei Puyang iron and steel, Wenfeng, Shangang group, Cangzhou Iron and steel, Liaoning Benxi Iron and steel, Rizhao Iron and steel, Hebei Jinan Iron and steel, Shiheng special steel, Qingxian Jifeng, Tianjin Renyi, Tianjin Zhaobo, Tangshan Shengcai, Hebei Jinxi and other major steel plants in China. The annual stock is more than 50000 tons, and the supply of goods is sufficient to meet the needs of customers.

The company is mainly engaged in hot coil, cold coil, medium and thick plate, 65Mn spring steel, high-strength steel, automobile girder steel, power angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, round steel, H-shaped steel, welded pipe, seamless pipe, flat iron and steel plate blanking and fine cutting, and can roll various plates according to the requirements of users. Improve the variety and create a package service provider to reduce the procurement and logistics costs for customers. It has been equipped with CNC bending equipment, plasma cutting, imported laser cutting, steel plate pretreatment processing equipment and domestic top hot rolling leveling and slitting processing lines (the processing thickness of hot rolled coil can reach 30mm, the width is 2500mm, the processing strength can reach 1000MPa, and the processes of slitting, edge cutting and code printing are covered in all aspects), It can meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers. Chunxu develops deep processing and extends the industrial chain to make Chunxu iron and steel truly become an integrated iron and steel industrial chain supplier. While promoting its own sustainable development, it builds a bridge between the iron and steel industry and end customers, and promotes long-term strategic cooperation between iron and steel production enterprises and users.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business principle of "people-oriented and integrity based", combined information technology, management methods and enterprise experience with the actual business, improved the management level and production capacity, so that the enterprise can always maintain its competitiveness in the fierce market competition and realize the rapid and stable development of the enterprise.

With the best products, the best service and the best reputation, Chunxu steel has completed many supporting services in the steel field and is willing to become your most reliable long-term partner



Enterprise culture  Enterprise culture


Enterprise goal: serve customers to achieve self-realization

Corporate Image: honesty, Civilization, Harmony and Entrepreneurship

Employee image: unity, hard work, high efficiency and pragmatism


Marketing concept  Marketing concept


Consolidate the existing market, develop the potential market and plan the future market.


Enterprise values  Enterprise values


You want to benefit others while you want to benefit others.  If you want to reach, you can reach others.

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